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  • All sample scenes have been removed!
  • Add favourable review comments to Cactus Corner.
  • Do a table involving one word draws.
  • Some sort of plug in where there’s a big button they press to reveal the main selling point behind the piece, e.g:
    • Luck of the Draw…GAMBLING!
    • Frozen Peas Tumble Dryer…MONEY!
    • Gadzooks!….MAGIC! (worked for Rowling. Somehow).
    • A Suitable Candidate…LOLLIPOPS! I mean, SEX!!

Erotic Issues in Space

  • Sample scenes

Frozen peas tumble dryer

  • Downloadable scenes


  • Downloadable scenes


  • 5 sentence synopsis (note there is a 3 sentence one already).
  • Downloadable scenes

Priest Hunter

  • Downloadable scenes

Psychic Builder

  • Downloadable scenes / first ten
  • Note that this is not aimed at millenials, Gen Zee, or anyone else born after…whenever it is. If they like it, great, but they are not the target audience (for a change).

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About me

Why am I pushing this at 42? Because in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (note: pre-millenial / gen Z reference) 42 is the answer to the meaning of life. And that’s as good a reason as any.

Instead of relentlessly trying to sell my scripts, I keep getting loads of great (or so I think) new ideas and have to write them down.

Criticisms? Occasionally prone to using more words than necessary. This is something that I am trying to cut down on (boom boom) with each new script. I accept that presentationĀ isĀ important, but it’s not the X Factor in writing. Readers who complain about formatting not being the same as what they’re used to…these are not major crimes, they can be rectified.

Things I like…changing gear in time to the music.

If you put the Am I Any Good together with the Why My Work Is Good and hopefully an overall picture (and a positive one at that) may begin to emerge.

I am the man with too many ideas. I get a great idea of something to write about at least once a day. But with focusing on one direction, under the guidance of an agent, just think of the power that could be harnessed…

I don’t know what writers’ block is.