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Some titbits to help explain the character and motivations behind the titbit who created this website…


Article: What hasĀ gone wrong with British comedy?

A very inspirational piece that says a lot about the state of contemporary British comedy and which galvanized me into creative action.


Article: BBC’s obsession with youth…

A piece about certain sections of the media catering to young people probably a bit more than they should. It backs up some of my not-so-subtle digs on the subject (see Psychic Builder).


Blog: Around the world in 190 days

An often surreal and occasionally useful insight into the character of James A Gray, completed during 190 days circumnavigating the globe in 2012. It’s a good example of my writing style, but do bear in mind it was written on the road. And with drinks – lots of drinks from lots of different countries.


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