Who on Earth am I?

[James A. Gray, painfully contemplating how to finish that tricky third act.]

Although I’d be pushing it to describe myself as a ‘first time writer’, it’s fair to say I’m still looking for my break into the world of scriptwriting. I’ve spent many years writing all kinds of weird and wonderful things, some of which I’m still quite proud of, some of which should never ever see the light of day. I feel as though haven’t sold myself or my work enough in the past, hence the need for this website.

In a previous life I’ve been published, I’ve worked through the publishing process and I’ve dealt with people who publish. Like most would-be scriptwriters, having to hold down a day job can get in the way of squeezing the creative juices, but it can also compliment it. For example, applying the same discipline that is necessary inside the office to other work outside of that office has been very useful for me. Since starting this website and upping my game to get noticed I made the final shortlist for a national playwriting competition with my debut feature, and it’s inspired me to keep going.

This head is screwed on, this mind is ready to write. I’m trying to come across as keen, courteous, professional and humble (I’ve been in the desert far too long to be in any way up myself).

Thanks once again for stopping by.

Why do I think my work’s any good? Find out here.

Why do I think I’m any good? Find out here.

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