Completed works

Summarised alphabetically by name. See further down for loglines and links.

Name Format Genre Minutes Completed?
A Suitable Candidate Stage Play Drama 88 Yes
Erotic Problems In Space Stage Play Dramedy 102 Yes
Frozen Peas Tumble Dryer Screenplay Drama 90 Yes
Gadzooks! Screenplay Fantasy Comedy 107 Yes
Luck of the Draw Stage Play Drama 73 Yes
Priest Hunter Screenplay 18th Century Irish Western 131 Yes
Psychic Builder Radio Situation Comedy 30 2 of 6
The Kindness of Strangers, Learners and White Van Men Screenplay Drama 100 Yes


Works for the stage

Erotic Problems in Space

Two astronauts isolated on a spaceship orbiting a moon are given the opportunity to have sexual relations with whatever objects of their imagination they desire most.

A Suitable Candidate

Liam Baines believes he is to be interviewed for a job by complete strangers – he is wrong on both counts.

Luck of the Draw

Adam thinks he has invented a football betting system that will always win in the long run, but his extremely competitive best friend cautions him on investing so much money when he should be investing more time in his brooding girlfriend.


Works for the screen

Priest Hunter

The most cunning, lethal and hated Priest Hunter in all of Ireland finally meets his match when a mysterious, unregistered priest appears in his parish, and, unlike the other captured priests who came before him, decides to fights back.

Frozen Peas Tumble Dryer

At the height of the Credit Crunch, three unemployed northerners attempt to spend a large amount of counterfeit money, despite not knowing who printed it.

The Kindness of Strangers, Learners and White Van Men

In the long, hot summer of 1995 a couple of young new age travellers take over an elderly vagrant’s former campsite in the centre of a busy roundabout.


A young boy discovers a secret community for retired magicians in a small seaside town.

Works for the radio

Psychic Builder

‘New build for the new age’ – Geoff is not your typical tradesman; he claims to have psychic powers, which often interfere with his day job.


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