Works in progress

A Suitable Candidate (stage play)

Liam Baines thought he was being interviewed for a job by complete strangers – he was wrong on both counts.

My Two Ex-Girlfriends (series of 15 minute comedy shorts set in a single location)

Guy has found himself living with Amie and Zelda, both of whom he used to date. They never discuss what happened during those relationships, but every other subject in the known universe is fair game.

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Ifs and Buts and Maybes (screenplay)

A successful entrepreneur is advised by his life coach to give in to his urges and conduct the extra-marital affair he so desperately craves.  

Priest Hunter (screenplay)

In 18th century Ireland the practice of Catholicism is banned by Penal Laws, but that doesn’t stop it going ahead in secret, and nor does it stop the hated priest hunters chasing hearty rewards to track down those who would put religion before the crown.

Bill (screenplay)

After the death of his wife, an octogenarian realises he no longer has anyone to live for, and also that there’s no one to tell him what he can and cannot do anymore.

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