Zero Gravity Management

Welcome, Zero Gravity Management, to the sandstorm-free zone!

You’re either here because I’ve bugged you with correspondence at some point or, even better, through word of mouth. I am actively seeking representation and would be happy to discuss any ideas or agreements. You can click on the links at the top of the page to see details of my radio work, stage or screenplays, each of which features a section on the good things it has going for it (‘Ten reasons why this could be a success…’). Ultimately I’d be hoping for you, the agent, to sell my work, but anything I could do to help in that process I happily would.

On that same note, let me try and sell myself to you as a potential client…

  • I’m young enough to still want it, but old enough to know better.
  • Many years in the Real World managing both myself and other people means I know how to meet deadlines, juggle priorities and ultimately deliver the goods (my current day job is ‘Delivery Manager’).
  • I am immune to the pain of editing, having once been ordered by a publisher to reduce a 300,000 word manuscript down to a series of three books each compromising 50,000 words.
  • I am polite, well-mannered and more than happy to agree with the people who hold the purse strings – artistic integrity counts for something, but without an appropriate budget there’s nothing.
  • I am well-travelled and can boast of a wide, varied and vivid imagination to pour forth into more potential projects than I could ever have time to write, thus leading to the creation of many future products to sell.
  • Having been through the grind of the Real World, I have learned the hard way that you get out of this life what you put into it, i.e. I do not have that same sense of entitlement as befits many of my younger peers or straight-outta-college kids.
  • I can crack a joke without needing to swear or insinuate that someone is ‘sad’. I only swear when I need to, and I can happily take the Mickey out of myself.
  • I realise that for products to be successful they often have to satisfy pre-existing markets. Yes, you can re-invent the wheel, but it helps if you already have a horse to pull your cart.
  • To be a successful writer is a privilege and requires a certain amount of modesty. Yes, one has to make allowances for genius, but no one likes a big-headed gobshite (see – told you I know when to swear).

The above is written slightly tongue-and-cheek, but the message is serious. I would be more than happy to engage in correspondence or speak to you in person to further convince you of my potential and that of my work. So, if you are interested in having me on-board as a client then please drop me a line at or on 07818 432072.


James A. Gray

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